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booking vera

Vera Chimera is now taking bookings for 2019!

Would you like to have her at your next convention? No problem! Just fill in the form below with as much detail as possible and you'll receive a prompt response. 

Thanks! Message sent.

Here's a small montage of Vera Chimera's work. She has collaborated with many accredited vendors including Blizzard Entertainment, Gearbox Interactive, Neo Tokyo Project, ReedPOP, and EB Games.


For your convenience, here is Vera Chimera's hospitality rider. If you have any questions please feel free to message us. 

F.A.Q'S regarding invitation

To answer F.A.Qs we have made the following notes below in regards to inviting Vera Chimera to your event:

"Can we have access to hi-res images of Vera?"
Vera Chimera has images that she has full rights to that you can use for promotional use for your event. Once a contract is signed you will be given access to these images. Please do not pull images from other domains unless you have direct permission from the photographer.


"Can we hire Vera for other kinds of events?"
Absolutely! While she primarily features at pop-culture conventions, Vera Chimera can also be hired for e-sports events, videogame launches, films, awards nights, and non-cosplay related exhibitions as a speaker or hostess. Please note that while Vera is an experienced pinup model, she much prefers to attend public, family-friendly events.


"Can we request an online interview?"

Of course! Just use the message box to send your inquiry with your credentials and we will get back to you.

"How much of a time frame should be between an invite and an event?"

While it's best to have as much time as possible, a minimum of 8-10 weeks is preferred. 


"Can we request Vera Chimera to wear a specific cosplay to the event?"

This depends on the situation. If Vera has already made the costume, you can request if she'd be able to bring it. If it's a costume you'd wish for her to make, the following needs to be considered:

  • Time frame: For a standard costume it's safe to have a 3-month window to leave plenty of space for construction and orders for the costume (eg. wigs, contacts, etc.) to come in.

  • Compensation: Vera's time and all expenses regarding the build need to be covered - this includes materials, cosmetics, and more. A deposit will need to be sent for construction to begin.

  • Travel: the luggage amount and weight may need to be adjusted on the flight plan to accommodate the costume and/or props.​

"What are Vera Chimera's rates?'

While Vera has set rates, the amount per hour/day varies depending on the job, location, and other circumstances. For rates please send her a message using the box above.



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